Parking Lot Installation Parking Lot Installation St. Charles Illinois (1 of 4) 31883678 2 of 4 32233260 3 of 4 Finished Product 28438071 4 of 4 Finished Product with Parking Lines 28438043 Redeemer Fellowship Church - St. Charles - Before Asphalt Paving (1 of 14) 120924627 Prep Work Before Installation Begins (2 of 14) CA - 6 Gravel Foundation Level and Compacted By Steel Drum Vibratory Rollers. Prepped and Ready For Paving Installation 120925453 Base Course Binder - First Layer (3 of 14) Base course binder is a blend of extra strength asphalt used in many commercial, industrial and some residential areas - where the strength of the gravel base is not sufficient due to high moisture or clay contamination. Can be more cost effective then excavating and replacing entire foundations. 120925454 Second Layer (4 of 14) Left side of the photo shows the finished layer of surface grade asphalt applied over the base course binder. 120925455 Installation of Second Layer (5 of 14) 120925456 Compaction - Steel Drum Vibratory Roller - (6 of 14) The final application is compacted by Steel Drum Vibratory Rollers. These compaction rollers are used throughout the entire installation, such as compacting the gravel base, base course binder and finished grade asphalt. 120925457 Paving Finished - Sealcoating on The Back Portion Of The Parking Lot To Be Completed Next (7 of 14) The back portion of parking lot pavement shown here was not removed for two reasons. 1. The overall strength of the pavement was very good. Some minor repairs were performed to stabilize certain areas. 2. To keep their budget in tact. The applications recommended for this area can extend the overall pavement life by 5 years or more. 120926199 Back Portion of Parking Lot To Be Sealcoated - Before (8 of 14 All large cracks have been filled with Hot Pour Rubberized Sealant. 120926200 During Sealcoating (9 of 14) Contractors Grade Coal Tar Sealant is a thick emulsion solution poured directly on the pavement surface and spread evenly over the entire prepared surface, Allow 8 to 12 hours for drying, additional drying may be required due to humidity, texture of pavement surface and shaded areas. This entire application is guaranteed 2 years against gas and oil damage. 120926201 Finished Product With Pavement Markings (10 of 14) Overall view of north side of parking lot. Pavement Installation Completed and Pavement Markings Repainted. 120927239 Areas Prepped For Landscape (11 of 14) New top soil is placed to receive additional landscape. 120927240 West Side Of Parking Lot - Finished (12 of 14) 120927241 New and Old Pavements Connected (13 of 14) The new asphalt is connected flush to the old asphalt pavement edge for a smooth traffic flow. 120927242 New and Old Pavement Connected (14 of 14) Bottom portions of this photo shows the old pavement that has received the hot put rubberized filler, commercial grade coal tar sealant, and all pavement markings were repainted. 120927243 Real Time Sports (St. Charles) - Parking Lot Resurface Paving (1 of 2) Resurface paving will improve your existing pavement surface, drainage, customer appeal and overall property value. And in many cases for a fraction of the cost of removal and replacement. 121005552 Finished Product (2 of 2) Prior to resurface paving the edges of the old pavement of this photo were milled down to create a level transition from new to old pavement surfaces. The old surface had been pre-leveled and damaged areas repaired and asphalt adhesive was applied to the entire pavement surface to ensure proper bonding of new and old pavement surfaces. The final product has been machine installed and compacted by vibratory rollers. 121005553