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Driveway Paving Maintenance:

All About Asphalt Provides The Following Service For Driveway Paving Maintenance:

  • Driveway Paving: Steps to remove and replace existing asphalt. Standard installation - 2 solid inches as a finished product. 3 inches or more is available, but must be installed in separate layers of compaction; see notes below.

1. All asphalt will be removed and hauled from job site.

2. Grass edges are string-lined and straightened as needed.

3. Existing gravel base will be leveled and compacted.

4. Additional gravel (CA-6 Stone) 1 to 6 inches as needed will be used to stabilize and elevate existing foundation.

5. Fine grade entire foundation for proper drainage.

6. Compact all areas of gravel base with vibratory steel drum rollers, plate compactors, and tampers.

7. Machine install 2 1/2 inches of Type I-11 Surface Grade Asphalt. This installation will be compacted flush to garage floor and sidewalks. Pavement edges can be compacted at a 45 Degree angle for added strength and appearance. Final compacted thickness is 2 solid inches as a finished product.

8. Clean and remove all work related debris.

Warranty: Driveways Removed & Replaced: Two years against breakage due to foundation failure.

Warranty: Driveways New Construction: Two years against breakage due to foundation failure.

Note: The most important part of any installation is your gravel foundation (separate compaction for every 2 inch layer of gravel). Asphalt installations consisting of 3 inches or more should be installed in 2 separate layers of compaction. Improper compaction will only result in tire marking and rutting due to traveling the same pattern on a day-to-day basis. Layered compaction ensures better strength and finish.

Note: Click Here To See A Picture Of A Two Separate Layer Installation.


                 Removal of Old Driveway                                      Finished Product - New Driveway

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