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Pavement Repairs and Crackfiller:

All About Asphalt Provides The Following Service For Pavement Repairs & Crackfiller - Asphalt Paving Maintenance:

  • Pavement Repairs:

1. Premark designated areas of repair.

2. Saw cut and remove damaged pavement.

3. Compact existing gravel base, add foundation stone as needed to stabilize existing gravel base.

4. Apply TAC ADDHESIVE TAR to all saw cut edges of pavement.

5. Repairs are completed by installing hot mix asphalt, pavement edges are compacted flush to surrounding old pavement. Note: Pavement thickness is based on job specification (special remedies may be required, such as extra strength base course asphalt installed in separate layers of compaction, pavement thickness will vary depending on type of traffic received.)

Warranty: Pavement Repairs (Patching): Two years against breakage due to foundation failure.

See note above. Same applies to commercial and residential. Foundation and compaction are most important.
Click Here To See A Picture Of A Two Separate Layer Installation.


                    Saw Cut Area Before Patch                                        Patch - Finished Product


  • Rubberized Pavement Crackfiller: Hot Pour

1. Cracks and expanding pavement joints are air cleaned to remove sand, dirt, rocks, and foreign debris.

2. Rubberized filler is applied in a 2 inch wide band aid strip.

3. Applied to all cracks 1/4 inch and larger for best adhesion


               Crackfiller Before Sealcoating                                Crackfiller After Sealcoating 


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