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Protective Pavement Sealcoating Maintenance:

All About Asphalt Provides The Following Service For Protective Pavement Sealcoating Maintenance:

  • Protective Sealcoating: Contractors Grade Sealant Used For Residential/Commercial/Industrial

The following steps are performed in order to provide our customers with a neat and complete finished project that will add years of life and protection to their entire pavement surface.

1. Broom and air clean entire pavement surface to remove all sand, dirt, rocks, and foreign debris.

2. Grass edged, weeds treated and removed.

3. Severe oil spots receive a special primer to insure maximum protection against future gas and oil spills.

4. Prior to main application, neatly trim all cement curb, sidewalks and structures not intended for treatment.

5. Protective pavement sealant is applied over entire prepared surface while paying special attention to erosion areas and severe wear patterns.

6. Allow 8 to 12 hours before use.

Warranty: Protective Sealing (Commercial, Residential, Industrial) - Two years against gas or oil damage.

Note: For commercial and industrial projects - Repaint all parking lines, handicaps and traffic control markings.
              Residential Driveway Before                                          Residential Driveway After
                Commercial Parking Lot Before                                 Commercial Parking Lot After  


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