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Resurface Paving Maintenance:

All About Asphalt Provides The Following Service For Resurface Paving Maintenance:

  • Resurface Paving: Standard Installation (Minimum Thickness - 1 Solid Inch As A Finished Product).

Note: 2 or more inches are available, how much do you need? Please consider your garage & sidewalk elevations. Will your drainage be improved or flow back into your garage? Is your old driveway surface worth resurfacing? Resurface paving is based on the stability of your existing pavement surface. Updating the old pavement surface is required in many cases. Please see the following steps necessary for most areas.

1. Saw cut and remove stressed areas of pavement, stabilize existing gravel foundation, and repair with asphalt as needed (2 inches minimum installation).

2. Mill or remove asphalt at sidewalks and roadways for a smooth transition prior to resurface paving.

3. Apply SS-1 adhesive tar to all low areas and pre-level with asphalt prior to main application.

4. Apply Petrotac/Petromat fabric to all saw cut joints and expansion cracks in old pavement surface.

5. Apply SS-1 adhesive to entire prepared surface to insure proper bonding of new and old pavement surfaces.

6. Machine install a minimum thickness of 1 1/2 inches, compacted to 1 solid inch as a finished product. Your new pavement surface will be compacted flush to garage floors, and sidewalks.

Warranty: Resurface Paving: Two years against separation of new and old pavement surfaces.

Note: This minimum 1 inch thick installation can be installed over driveways, parking lots, private roadways, and Industrial traffic ways. We can modify this to your specifications. How much do you need? Contact us.

                                         Before Resurface Paving                                       After Resurface Paving


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